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The burning sensation. The lower-belly pain. The cloudy, odorous, or blood-tinged urine. All of these things can creep up a day or two after having sex and are the telltale signs of a urinary tract infection. UTIs are Pissing hot pee on myself on all over belly in the bathroom to many people — about million people worldwide every year, in fact, making them one of the most common bacterial infections. However, some of the common advice we hear about them, including making sure to pee after sex, isn't all it's cracked up to be. While UTIs affect people of all sexes and ages, Kathleen Kobashia urologist at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, tells Allure that women are much more likely to be afflicted thanks to their anatomy. Basically, the urethras of people with vaginas are rather short, making it pretty easy for bacteria — often E. Once it gets in there, the bacteria can colonize at any point along the urinary tract, most commonly in the urethra or bladder.

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